April 6, 2009

Simone Satchel

sabina simone satchel
sabina simone satchel
Also while in Urban Outfitters, I spied this very cute, very well made bag by Sabina. It is leather and runs you about $250, which for Urban Outfitters is a lot. The fact that it cost a reasonable amount made me feel good about the quality but it won't break the bank. Lots of zippers and pockets and in a bright color- all very "in."

Note: I also saw this bag in black at the store, but that is not featured online.

image from urbanoutfitters.com


sarah said...

so you bought it right? its your signature color. i would like to see some outfit postings.

Kate said...

no, i didn't. i think my sister is going to get it. i will try to get back to posting some outfits. thanks for the request!