April 6, 2009

J. Crew Comes Through

j crew white denim matchstick cropped

I was on the hunt for white cropped jeans but was having a hard time paying $180-220 given their short lifespan. Memorial Day to Labor Day, once a year. I checked out Madewell but their cropped version had a zipper and frankly, it was really annoying. We decided to duck into J Crew and low and behold, there they were- white denim Matchstick Cropped at $85. They fit great and I didn't fee guilty buying them for 3 months of wear.

Full Disclosure: I already own a costly pair of white denim, full length, boot cut jeans which I love but realized after last summer didn't get as much wear as my other costly denim. Oh well. It's important to learn from our mistakes... Yes?

Plus, in purchasing the J Crew jeans, I've now "saved" money for something else... like these.

image from jcrew.com


Leigh said...

How did you find the fit of the jeans? I definitely need a pair of white jeans this year.

Kate said...

i thought the fit was great. same as any bigger brand name. fit true to size and close fitting throughout.