March 24, 2009

Looking Back: Chanel

As I was going through old posts, something stood out immediately.
1) I love Chanel and it comes up often.
2) I still love every Chanel item I lusted over during the year.

I actually went into Chanel yesterday hunting down a bag I saw a woman on the street carrying. Alas, it is from one or two years ago (not seasons, years!) and so I was saved from buying said bag. I would have done it for this bag and I'd finally have my Chanel... But another one will come along. And next time I see one I love, I'm doing it. This is the bag I saw... Tear. Called the Expandable Flap Bag.

Below are some of my favorite Chanel items that appeared here over the past year:

kate beckinsale chanel bag
chanel lace dress
chanel riding boots
images from, allure magazine, elle magazine, saks catalog

1 comment:

Pretty Little World said...

The expandable flap also came in a pretty green/white combo -- it makes me long for it every time I think about it!!