November 27, 2008

Guess How Much

lindsey lohan in chanel sequin jacket
I thought this was a great sequin and tulle jacket on Lindsey Lohan on the cover of Harper's Bazaar this month. Guess how much it is?

Here's a hint: It's from Chanel, so multiply whatever would be a normal price for high-end designer wear times 2...

Click here for the answer.

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Glitzy Glamour

donna karan shimmery gold dress
I love this sparkly dress from Donna Karan. A perfect little New Years party dress.

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Deep Blue

ysl deep blue nail polish
The next trend in nail color? Dark Blue. I love this color from YSL called Deep Blue.

It doesn't seem to be available yet but I know Rescue Beauty has a great dark blue as well... Dead Calm. Available at

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More Stationary

pig love note card from linda and harriett
pig patterned linda and harriett
Yet another lovely stationary shop to lust after- Linda & Harriett. I love their letterpress note cards. Such cute piggies and that moose... hilarious. Also a great celebratory congratulations card.

moose note card from linda and harriett
cork congratulations card from linda and harriett
They have amazing looking invitations and custom stationary as well.
available online at

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November 26, 2008

Sales. Sales. Sales.

sale image from net-a-porter website
It feels as if the entire city of New York is on sale. I think it is. Places like Saks, Barneys and Bergdorf are having sales from 40-70% off. But really, everywhere. My mom went to Bloomingdales yesterday and they were handing out money. For every hundred you spend, you get a $15 card toward a future purchase. My mom bought a couple comforters, cashed in on the $15 cards and then went and picked up a Christmas gift, using the $15 cards to pay for it and then went and got more cards. Insanity. I heard people lined up for hours to get into the Saks shoe floor, snaking back and forth through red roping.

moncler black puffy jacket
For my part I went to Barneys over the weekend and it was true, everything was on sale, including Moncler jackets- which are never on sale. So, I bought one (above). Obviously. I'm not an idiot.

For all you at home, in other cities or just afraid to brave the crowds, you can shop all these great sales online:,,,, etc.

These type of sales even led my "don't you already have a pair of shoes like that" husband to suggest that "If I wanted a new pair of shoes, now was the time" and that I should be there when Saks opened today. 8a is too early for me but I am looking online...

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November 25, 2008

Talk About A Statement Piece

lanvin necklace
These Lanvin necklaces (bronze flowers underneath jeweled flowers) would give everyone at the office Christmas party something to talk about. Gorgeous and not even a tiny bit understated. I'd like to borrow, or rent, for one night, for one party.
image from vogue magazine

Dear Santa

alexander mcqueen lace booties
Please bring me these gorgeous lace booties from Alexander McQueen. I promise to wear them every single day to justify the cost. I need them. I want them. I have to have them.

Love, "I've been good" Kate

image from vogue magazine

November 24, 2008


oberon argyle socks with skull motif
Oberon is a brand spanking new designer. So new that the only item on the website and for sale so far are these great socks. Created by a Vanderbilt alum to produce "men's dress socks with a kick." I'm sold. The debut item features my favorite motif. A GREAT stocking stuffer.

We'll keep our eye on this one.
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charlize theron in dior couture
Very pretty and risque Dior couture dress on Charlize Theron.

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Nina Ricci Again

reese witherspoon in nina ricci dress
I LOVE, LOVE this dress. I want the entire Nina Ricci collection from every season and every year. So beautiful... Sigh.

reese witherspoon nina ricci dress
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prada accessories
I am really liking the sparkly direction Prada has taken of late. The earrings I have been seeing everywhere, in a variety of jewel tones, are so fun and thankfully don't come with a totally ridiculous price tag.

I think was really makes the jewelry is the same thing that makes the swimsuit- the black background. It makes the pieces standout but also maintain their shape instead of flitting about as some chandelier/drop earrings do.
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Yarborough Jewelry

yarborough jewelry
This is the most beautiful and creative website. I happened upon it as I was trying to find one of their necklaces that had been highlighted in Vogue. Collection 1 has to do with feathers, tassels and stones and features chickens throughout. Gorgeous layout. Also, I've never seen tassels incorporated into jewelry designs...

yarborough jewelry
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Real America Monday

frost french black and white oversized check bra and brief
This lingerie set from Frost French brings to mind cowboys and cowgirls and the Wild West.

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November 21, 2008

Gucci Girls

I love both the outfits on these girls, Becki Newton top and Blake "Gossip Girl" Lively bottom. Blake's dress is different with a very loooow neckline and the long skirt. I like. Becki's dress has the Gucci detailing of the moment, the bronze beading or detailing. Very cute.
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November 20, 2008

Classic D&G

victoria beckham in d&g
What is it about the classic D&G corset dress? They are so flattering and on so many body types, not just the twig thin Posh.
image from

Likey? Or No?

I like this long, flowing, vintage-y dress on MK in a "Shakespeare in Love" kind of way. And she is in Dubai... Actually, that may not help the cause. Thoughts?

image from

Japan's Latest Fashion Trend

jesus diamante store manager keiko mizoe
Always the leader in avant-garde fashion, the latest look to come out of Japan's Harajuku area is no exception. Described as a 21st century Marie Antoinette look, the focus is on frill, flowers, bows, and rhinestones. Jesus Diamante, the store described in this Wall Street Journal article is a mecca for this fashion, selling nearly 95K a month in princess-like fashions! I imagine that is easy when the average outfit costs $1,000.

Above, the store manager, an idol of the hime gyarus (princess girls), in some Jesus Diamante designs. Below, some shoes as well as a room in the salon outfitted with a royal bed.

jesus diamante salon roomshoes from jesus diamante
The biggest surprise to me was that this fashion is popular among working woman in their 20's and 30's. The main woman interviewed for the article estimates she spends 2-3K a month on these princess dresses and accessories and explains that her parents send she and her husband food so that she will have more money for her shopping sprees. Amazing. Why don't my parents to that?

The store owner is adorable in all the fashions but I don't think I could pull the look off.

Check out the stores website: and read the article here.
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November 19, 2008


elizabeth reaser in burberry prorsum
Is this that Ava girl from Grey's Anatomy who lost her face, then gained a new face, then fell in love with Dr. someone, then discovered she had a husband and child, then went crazy and left them and pretended she was pregnant with Dr. someone's baby? I think Dr. someone is Alex... Maybe.

She cleans up nice. I love this Burberry Prorsum olive green dress. Gorgeous.

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Wedding Invitation With a Twist

wedding invitation
I was perusing another blog and came across this very creative and totally cute wedding invitation. I love it. Not for those on a traditional wedding path but for those doing something a little different.

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November 18, 2008

Mark Davis

mark davis earrings
Also from the Barneys catalog, these gorgeous and different earrings from Mark Davis.

ps. The image was like that... with the earrings upside down.
image from barneys catalog

Balenciaga Clutches

balenciaga cherche midi pochette and lune pochette
Still on Balenciaga... I love these clutches. I haven't been able to find them in stores yet though this image is from a Barneys catalog, so hopefully they'll be there soon. Top is the "cherche midi" pochette and bottom is the "lune" pochette.
image from barneys catalog

Balengiaga Mini

kristen stewart in balenciage mini at twilight premiere
This is an interesting dress on Kristen Stewart at the premiere of Twilight. It's not my favorite but there is something about it: the color choices, the one-shouldered strap about to fall off...

Speaking of Balenciaga, if you are in the city, there is a sample sale going on today at Aloha Rag from 12-9p. 505 Greenwich at Spring. While you're in the neighborhood, run across the street to 508 Greenwich for the most amazing meatball sandwich in the world.

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November 17, 2008

6 Things

I have been tagged by No Place To Go to write a list of 6 unimportant things that make me happy. However, as this is a fashion blog and we all know fashion is very important, I may have to fudge a bit on a couple things.

1. Music. Having a favorite song to listen to as I'm working or sitting at Starbucks blogging or riding on the train to visit friends makes me endlessly happy. Current favorite (caught me by surprise) is Beyonce "If I Were A Boy." Interesting title and also weirdly familiar melody. Also loving Trans Siberian Christmas music, especially "Wizards in Winter."

2. Stationary. I can look at paper and notebooks and journals and the like all day long. I have accumulated countless journals and notebooks that stack my shelves and remain empty. But they're pretty. My current obsession is from my favorite stationer, Smythson. The fave item of the moment? This gorgeous lockable writing folder.

smythson lockable writing folder in black
3. Movies. I am a movie fanatic. On the list of must sees for the holiday season, some fun, some serious... Bride Wars, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, Four Christmases, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Yale v. Harvard 1927.

4. Food. We are currently lusting after The Little Owl in the West Village. While waiting for a table in the tiny, but adorable, 24 seat room, you can grab a seat in the perch and have a cocktail. I recommend the Le Petit Hiboux made with Lillet.

the little owl restaurant motif
5. Shoes. No brainer obviously. Brand of choice? Need I answer? Christian Louboutin. This weeks "to die for" pair...

christian louboutin eugenie satin pumps
6. Wedding Gowns. I love them. They are gorgeous. I'll never stop oohing and ahhing over them. Thank goodness I still have my sister and couple of friends to go! Below a perhaps over-the-top offering from Chanel's Fall 08 collection. At least as the veil is concerned. But I see a gorgeous dress below the layers of tulle.

chanel wedding gown from the fall 08 collection
As per the rules, I am going to tag 5 of my favorite blogs to write their 6 things and let them know via a comment on their blog. Let's see what they have to say.

I Am Fashion
The Sartorialist
Olsen's Anonymous
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Ms. Larter

ali larter
Looking very cute in a short little skirt and blazer and booties. Love the look.

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Practical Monday

only hearts strapless bra in nude
Not the most exotic of lingerie but definitely the most practical. I have never found a better strapless bra than this "one size fits all" design from Only Hearts. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone still searching for the perfect strapless bra. Available in nude and black and I've also seen white.

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November 14, 2008

Jessica in Gucci

jessica alba in gucci dress
jessica alba in gucci dress
I'm usually not a fan of Jessica Alba's style but I love this Gucci dress she wore to the Black Ball. Gorgeous.

image from

One Shouldered Look

reese witherspoon in marchesa
What do you think of this one-shouldered look from Marchesa? I think it looks great on Reese though I doubt many could pull it off.

image from

November 12, 2008

Nadia Nour

eco friendly dress by nadia nour
eco friendly dress by nadia nour
eco friendly dress by nadia nour
I was just introduced to this new designer- Nadia Nour. She happens to be an eco-friendly designer but what I care about are the looks of the clothes. There were a few great dresses, I've pictured three here.

You can only order through the showroom on the website for now. Hopefully we'll see her designs in boutiques soon.
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Ooh La La Redux

guiseppe zanotti for balmain boots
Nothing more to say about these. I'm terrified about the price. Let's just look and not touch or own.

image from elle magazine

Gucci Cruise Collection '09

gucci long flowing dresses from the 2009 cruise collection
Every dress I see from this collection is gorgeous. Flowing with beautiful stripes and regal patterns... it makes me want to flee south for the holidays so an excuse for purchase can be made. Wait, I am going to Costa Rica in January... it's a sign. Get me to the Gucci on time.

There are a couple cute short patterned frocks as well but there is something about the long, flowing look...

short frocks from the gucci 2009 cruise collection
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Back to My Other Obsession

alexander mcqueen skull tassle key chains
These are the greatest key chains... Too expensive for a key chain but stylish and with the ever fashionable skull motif... and bonus tassle.

image from elle magazine

Tiny Obsession

tuxedo sleep mask
I guess I may have a tiny obsession with sleep masks given how often they are posted about on here but this one was just too cute to pass up. Black tie sleeping.

This mask and a million other cute styles from Mary Green.
image from elle magazine

November 11, 2008

Python Bangles

ted rossi python and swarvoski crystal bangle
I love these python bangles from Ted Rossi. The black Swarvoski crystals at that bit of edge.
image from elle magazine

November 10, 2008

Smythson Stationery

smythson notecards with red stiletto boot motif
smythson notecards with skull and crossbones motif
I was just on Smythson doing a little Christmas present browsing and was reminded how much I love their stationery. Above a red stiletto boot motif as well as a skull and crossbones motif. Great holiday gift idea.
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