November 12, 2008

Gucci Cruise Collection '09

gucci long flowing dresses from the 2009 cruise collection
Every dress I see from this collection is gorgeous. Flowing with beautiful stripes and regal patterns... it makes me want to flee south for the holidays so an excuse for purchase can be made. Wait, I am going to Costa Rica in January... it's a sign. Get me to the Gucci on time.

There are a couple cute short patterned frocks as well but there is something about the long, flowing look...

short frocks from the gucci 2009 cruise collection
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Pretty Little World said...

That dress in the middle is divine. I would wear it everywhere: out to dinner, to a party, on vacation...I'd even wear it to the grocery store!

Hmm...this dress is just another example of something gorgeous you've found that will no doubt leave a serious dent in my checkbook!

kate said...

yay! we're helping the economy one purchase at a time.