July 8, 2008

Sole Mates

This is me last weekend... We are at a wedding in Minnesota and the cocktail hour is on a beautiful deck overlooking the lake. I step onto the deck with drink in hand, of course, and my next step suddenly has me lurching forward trying to save myself, my drink, and most importantly my Christian Louboutin heel. Several other girls and I struggled with the deck and the step-lurch situation for a couple hours. (I'm sure the bootleg drinks didn't do us any favors.)

Every time someone fell or tripped or lost a heel to the deck, I told them about this amazing invention that was coming out that would once and for all put an end to situations like this and those on grass and other heel-hazardous surfaces. My friend Rebecca Brown, along with her partner Monica Murphy, has developed "The Sole Mates" for all us girls that love our heels. Below are some pictures of the product. I have seen them in person and they really are discreet and heel-shaped to blend in. Available in clear and black.

clear sole mates on grass
clear sole mates on wood slats
clear sole mates on rocks
If you'd like to learn why Sole Mates work (physics or something, it was explained to me but I prefer to think of it as magic), visit their site. I've ordered pairs for my next outdoor wedding and cannot wait to stay above ground for once.

ps. Anyone else dying for those turquoise Christian Louboutins???


images from thesolemates.com

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Anonymous said...

these look amazing!!! I want a pair!